Our brand new small animal hotel opened in October 2013, it boasts impressive accommodation for all small animals such as; Rabbits and Guinea pigs. Hamsters, Gerbils and Chickens can also be accommodated for. If you have a small animal not mentioned please contact us for further information.

The Small Animal Hotel consists of 18 internal runs that are all 10 sq ft and have been designed especially to accommodate all kinds of small animal boarding.  Throughout the winter months, heating is provided to ensure your pet is comfortable and enjoys their stay with us.

We have optional outside runs that are attached to six of the internal hutches and are an impressive 56 sq ft in size. These runs also include an adventure playground so that your rabbit or guinea pig is always kept entertained. If you do not choose to add the optional built in run, your pets will still have access to a smaller outside run during the sunny days.

Your pet will be secure within their internal run each evening. Everything is provided for your pet during their stay (bedding, food, hay, etc), unless you would like to bring any toys they are familiar with.

Our hutches are 5ft long and of excellent quality. The bottom hutch has a pop door that gives your pet access to the optional exercise run with adventure playground. 


Our large Outdoor runs will allow the your pets to be get great exercise. Each run is cleaned throughly and contains it’s own adventure playground.