Our  Cattery Suites

Each suite is equipped with everything your cat will need; panoramic windows, large climbing frames and scratching posts, beds, blankets and plenty of toys to keep them entertained.  Each Suite has a separate fully heated bedroom. We can accommodate elderly cats with low level scratch posts.

We can also provide interconnecting suites and supersized suites to separate family groups should this be a requirement.

The cattery suites overlook our fabulous private lake providing an enrichment of experience, ever changing wildlife, birds and dragonflies, ducks and geese, a wide range of plants and bushes attracting butterflies, bees and insects, whilst easy listening music is played throughout the day.

As we live on site we provide 24 hour presence to ensure the safety of all our guests especially those on medication, young kittens and senior boarders.

Interconnecting Suites

This suite is suitable for families that may need their own space at certain times. Please call to enquire about pricing.

Supersized Suites

For those families that are larger than the average our supersized pen is more than adequate to accommodate up to six cats. If you prefer your cat/cats to have more space this suite is ideal. Please call to enquire about pricing.